“The Mistery of Interior”


(....¿¿or should we say “The Ministry of Interior”...??)


Mr Spark has to work in his office as he does everyday. But today - suddenly - there are many people whatching him (the audience). Mr Spark, already being a clumsy and dispersive person, has troubles to work properly, but today with the presence of all these people, his working shift will be transformed in a magnificent and funny street show.


The audience will be complice of his work failure...his worst defaults as a office worker will become his best qualities as the show protagonist.


“The Mistery of Interior” is presented as an accidental chain of funny scenes, featuring a handsome character dressed with a differents artistic techniques.


An interesting, fresh and new mix of circus, gestual theatre, object manipulation and audience participation.


The show with Salvador Riba as Mr Spark has participated with big succes in European festivals:

- Mimos festival (Perigueux, Francia - Pinneberger “Comdey & Arts”(Pinneberg, Alemania)

- Festival des arts de la rue d´Aurillac (Aurillac, France) - Kulturufen festival (Germany)

- Buskersdays festival (Italy)) - Festival Ile en eté (France)

- Festival d´Avignon OF(France) - Festival Mediterraneo (France)

- Varieté in Locomotiva (Spain) - Mercantia festival(Italy)

- Veroli festival(Italy) - Zurich theatre festival(Switzerland)

- Tutti matti per Colorno (Italy) - Festival International de Charleville OF (France)

- JetLag Festival (France)


Company: Mr. Spark

Show:”The Mistery of Interior”


Disciplines: circus (hand stand), clown, gestual theatre and object manipulation.

Idea and creation: Salvador Riba

Scenography: Salvador Riba

Artistic direction: Anthony Mathieu


Show suitable for interior and exterior.

There is a version with fire, created to play during the night (no light conditions)


Size: 7m wide X 7m deep X 4m high

Flat floor, smooth and without relief.

Set up: 15 minutes

Set down: 15 minutes

Material to be provided by the organization: none

If possible Toma corriente 220W

Sound : basic sound through amplifier provided by Mr. Spark

Lighting: basic lightening or daylight. Posibility of advanced lightening with technician


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